Are you an expert?

I have been going to a lot more networking events in recent weeks and one word that you hear a lot is ‘expert’. It has made me think about what an expert really is and whether it is a term that should be used so readily.

One person once described being an expert to me as knowing more than the person asking you the question but do we run the risk of devaluing experts if we can all claim to be one? Personally, I like to save the term expert for the people who have taken the time to learn a skill or subject and have gone on to live and breathe it, they have taken the time to build on what they know and pass that knowledge on to others providing useful and insightful advice and guidance.

I avoid calling myself an expert because I don’t feel that I have built the knowledge in one area where I can claim to know it all but when you look at the dictionary definition of an expert – ‘a person who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a particular area’ – then maybe I am! I am knowledgeable about marketing and I am skillful at organising people but you still won’t hear me calling myself an expert anytime soon!

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