Navigating the new normal

When you start a new business you think of all the things that might impact its success for example, competition, cash flow, lack of proper planning, sickness etc.

When we started Vine we looked at all of these things and more. We came up with a strategy to deal with them and minimise the impact on our day to day business and its direction. One thing we didn’t account for in these plans was a global pandemic and I’m pretty sure not many people did.

Who in their wildest dreams would have thought we would be in this situation? Everyone has been impacted to varying degrees and for those of us who run small business the impact is being felt across the board.

We are trying to reassure our clients that we are still here and open for business doing whatever we can to keep supporting them while they all make adjustments to their working and personal lives. As a business we have always been proud of the relationships we have built with our clients and we don’t see why that should stop now.

We’re lucky, we can work virtually. We still have work that needs to be done for some of our clients and for others we’re here to talk when they want to. We’re having to find new ways of working together – we can’t just pop our heads over the computer to ask questions and being father and daughter we are feeling the impact of not being able to see each other going beyond the business.

One thing that we have promised ourselves is to stay positive and not to panic! We none of us know how long this is going to go on for and what the outcomes are going to be for us as individuals or as businesses but this is a situation that wasn’t of our making and is out of our control. Our businesses aren’t suffering because of something we have done wrong or didn’t plan properly for and so we need to focus on the things we can control to make sure we’re all still here at the end of it to come back stronger and better than before.

We’re still trying to find our feet with managing our time differently, thinking about how we can upskill and add more value to our clients now and in the future. Revisiting all of those ideas we have talked about but never did anything with (some of them for good reason!) and we’re finding the key to all of this and to staying positive is to talk about it.

We know its hard and we don’t want this to sound flippant but keep talking, focus on the things in your control and remember that this is a new direction for us all so let’s find out way together.

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