Visions, aims, objectives and targets - do you understand the difference?

Since starting Vine we have attended a lot of workshops, networking meetings and events that talk about goals and aims. We also talk a lot to our clients about their business and personal visions. One of the things that we often find is that there can be a lot of confusion around the difference between these terms and what they mean for your business. I wanted to address each of these terms to give some more clarity.

First lets, take the Oxford English Dictionary definitions of each of these words:

  • AIM: A purpose or intention; a desired outcome.

  • OBJECTIVE: A thing aimed at or sought; a goal.

  • TARGET: An objective or result towards which efforts are directed.

  • VISION: The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

So now we know what they mean, do we understand what having one or more of each could do for us and our businesses?

The graphic below is purely my own interpretation and the way that I think about each one in order to develop our business. By starting with the vision you can then set more targeted and achievable aims, objectives and targets to help you to achieve them.

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