Is trying to take time off giving you a headache?

Time management

As a business owner do you find it difficult to take time off? Whether it's for a holiday, a doctors appointment or to pick the kids up from school it can be hard to step away from your day to day business activities to get the right quality of life.

It is estimated that 1/3 of sole traders failed to take a holiday in the past year. Does that sound like you? When you are solely responsible for the running of your business taking time off isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Taking time away can come at a financial cost to the business and there is a fear of returning to an inbox full of unread emails and the possibility of no pre-arranged work to come back to.

One way to ease this pressure is to outsource some of your back office tasks or build a network of trusted associates who could step in and help out to keep things moving whilst you are away – if you create a good understanding between yourselves the arrangements can be mutual.

The summer may be over and the festive season getting ever closer but if you start building those relationships now you could be in a different position by next year and thinking about drinking cocktails on the beach, spending time with the kids and treating yourself to a well-deserved break.

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