Dad vs Daughter - Running a family business. The Dad's perspective

I retired in 2006 but after a year I got itchy feet and spoke to Julie my wife and we agreed that business had been a way of life that I had thoroughly enjoyed and not a job. I therefore started my own management consultancy and doing charity work while Julie spent more time supporting our girls and the grandchildren (the nibblers). We were dealt a devastating blow in September 2016 when Julie fell ill and I gave up work completely to be with and support her. She subsequently lost her fight for life.

After almost 50 years together there was a hole in my life I thought I would never fill but wallowing in self-pity was not the answer as I had three brilliant girls who also had holes in their lives and needed support so that’s where I initially focussed my attention.

I had always talked about creating a family business so over a couple of pints of Guinness one night, Kerry (who was looking for a change in career direction) and I decided it was now or never and Vine Business Support was born.

I am now working on a daily basis with Kerry, we have great fun and the business is starting to get some traction. When the other girls have finished with their motherly duties they too will hopefully join the business.

What do I like about working with Kerry as a business partner?

  1. · I trust her implicitly

  2. · Never a dull moment (we have some real laughs)

  3. · We support each other when our memories cause the spirits to dip

  4. · She is real grafter

  5. · She organises (nags) me

  6. · we do have a vision for the business that we both totally buy into.

It really does partly fill the hole in my life and I know her mom would be so proud of what we are trying to do.

Time will tell if it if the business works but Kerry and I are committed to making the business a success by delivering great service to our Clients and having some fun while we do it.

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