Dad Vs Daughter - Running a family business. The Daughter's Perspective

After suffering the loss of our mom last year, I realised that there are certain things in life that will come along that you can do absolutely nothing about, so why spend your time worrying about the things that you can’t control but instead focus on the things you can control and that you have the power to change.

My career was one thing that I knew I could change, I was on a path that I didn’t find fulfilling, and realising that life was too short, and I would be working for an awful lot of that life it was time to take the step and go into business with my Dad.

Anyone that has known our family will know that between us we have always talked about business ideas – some potentially good ones, some really bad ones, but none that we had ever pursued. This time we came up with something that we knew could work and that we could both be involved with and Vine Business Support was born.

We have created a business that combines our skills, I still get to use my marketing knowledge and experience but am also now a qualified bookkeeper and Dad can use all of his experience from over 50 years working in and running businesses. Together we have different strengths and we know that we can offer our clients a good range of advice and services to help them.

I hadn’t given much thought to what it would be like to work with my Dad, we have always got on - I think the only time we have ever nearly fallen out was when I had to tell him I had been and got a tattoo! We have always spent time together, watching rugby, drinking Guinness and generally just had fun, so I was pretty sure we had the right foundation to at least spend a lot more time in each other’s company.

We might have only been going a few months but so far so good. There are things that I would like to change about the way we work…it would be nice if he put the kettle on every now and again, kept his desk tidy and improved the two finger typing method which does get a bit frustrating, but I can let those things go because of the huge benefits.

1. I am learning – starting a business is daunting so going through the process with someone who has done it several times before and who gives such reassurance makes the process a lot easier

2. I get to do what I do best and organise him – at times it is like I’m his very own PA but at least I know he is on task!

3. We are having fun – We have similar sense of humours and the business has given us both a new focus in the wake of what was a horrible time for our family and we are benefiting from being able to spend the time together

4. We are creating a family business - as it develops we would like to bring in other members of the family (I have two very talented sisters who are busy raising young families) then we can truly call it a family business and can really focus on the work life balance

I couldn’t have made a better decision and with hindsight maybe we should have done this years ago.

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